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The Mitsubishi Laser Cutting System.

Ameristar utilizes Mitsubishi Laser Cutting Systems. Their patented resonator technology generates a superior beam for laser cutting, which in turn provides cleaner laser cutting and a better looking part. This superior laser cutting beam provides a stable cutting beam at high speeds, across all processing areas, at speeds of up to 1150 inches per minute. It ensures consistent corner-to-corner laser cutting of thick mild steel, stainless and aluminum materials. Mitsubishi's resonator technology has a unique cross flow design that generates superior power for maximum laser cutting processing capability and flexibility across a wide range of materials and thicknesses. It's easy maintenance design minimizes downtime for our laser cutting services. The cutting power of the Mitsubishi Laser System, is optimized by creating the prefect blend of output power, beam quality, beam stability and power control. The results are visible through a superior laser cut edge quality, lower thermal effects, precision laser cutting ability and greater overall processing control.

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